Are you missing web series that will blow your mind? You can then download AHA, one of the best Telugu OTT platforms where you can watch Telugu web series, talk shows, and Telugu webseries online non-stop. However, if you want some suggestions for web series containing a lot of drama, romance, and spice, you can watch Mastis. This web series has a very interesting plot because it tells the story of six different people who work and are involved with the resto lounge bar known as Mastis. So if you are a young adult and want your mind blown, you will enjoy this romantic drama that contains a lot of spice.

This web series premiered on 22nd April 2020 on the platform AHA. KrishJagarlamudi has directed it, and it features six actors who are in the leading roles. They are ChandiniChowdary as Lekha, SiddharthGollapudi as Deepak, BinduMadhavi as Gauri, Hebah Patel as Tanya, Raja Chembolu as Anand Raju, Akshara Gowda and Navdeep as Pranav.

The web series is mostly set in a resto lounge bar Mastis, owned by Pranav, an advertisement filmmaker and his beautiful wife, Gowri. They are a married couple who are quite wealthy, but they have some issues in their married lives. The bar manager has been in love for a long time with Lekha, who one of the waitresses in the bar. A band performs in the bar, and it is led by the only female member Tanya. She has big dreams that she wants to achieve, and she keeps on striving for them. Pranav has extramarital affairs with many women, and one such woman is Simran, a model. You can watch this web series to see how all the relationships are entangled with each other, and you can catch other new HD movies online on AHA.

You should watch this web series because the casting for this web series is brilliant. After all, all the actors have imbibed within their characters very well. The director has done an incredible job in laying the foundation for the script. None of the characters in the web series has been left behind, and almost in every episode, the viewers come to know a different thing about every character. Also, every character and story is connected with the other characters and their stories. So, it is easy for the viewers to follow the plot and the storyline is very clear. All the web series actors are well experienced, and you can expect exceptional performances from Navdeep and BinduMadhavi.

The other actors have also been able to perform well. However, along with the actors, it is also the set design, camera techniques, shots, costumes, and props that have captured the viewers’ attention. So if you are willing to watch a full package web series that contains drama, emotions, romance and passion, you should watch Mastis on AHA. It will become more convenient for Telugu new movies watch online once you download this OTP platform on your mobile phone.