Though we all know that there are a lot of differences between a songs and a ringtones, but there are certain differences due to which we are bound to choose one between these two. Here are some of the differences.

  • Length of the song and the ringtone – It is the length of the song due to which most of the people are bound to make a ringtone as they want to hear that song again and again so they put it as their ringtone but due to the length of the song they can’t hear their favorite lyrics due to which they either cut the song or try to download the favorite part of the song as their ringtone.
  • Ringtone cannot be in mp4, song can be in mp4 – A ringtone cannot come in mp4 format as ringtones are only made in audio format and are not available in video format. On the other hand songs can be made both in mp3 as well as in mp4 format. That is why a lot of people download an mp4 song, convert it into an mp3 song and then cut it into a ringtone so that they can hear their favorite beat or lyrics whenever they get a phone call, a message, a whatsapp call etc.

  • Songs are big in size, ringtones aren’t – It has been seen that songs are always bigger in size; however, ringtones do not carry a big size due to which people prefer to carry ringtones in their mobiles rather than an entire song if they only want to hear specific part of a song. Ringtones carry smaller sizes and thus take small memory in a mobile phone due to which people download more of ringtones than songs.
  • Songs can be heard online, ringtones are meant to be heard while someone contact you only – Nowadays there are several websites where one can listen to online songs as well. However, there isn’t any way where one can put a ringtone as his default ringtone without downloading it.

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