Advantage and Disadvantage of online training based Business perspective

Over the past 20 years, technology has significantly advanced to a point now; it has become cost-effective and easy to access online tutoring online. Online tutoring has caused many threats on business existence, such as one on one learning institutions and many other forms of physical learning.

Online tutors are now earning more compared to face to face coaching. However, just like any other good thing usually comes with some downsides, online tutoring also has disadvantages. Here are both advantages and disadvantages of online tutoring:


Technology availability is among the benefits of online tutoring, especially to tutoring companies and tutors who aren’t yet established their market online. Online coaching requires a low-cost start-up; thus, it opens tutors with a broader market with a flexible schedule. Check out the following advantages:

Online tutors

Lower entry barriers

Even though most independent tutors have lower start-up costs, if you’re a tutoring company and you’ve decided to choose an online route, you prevent many expenses that come with face to face tutoring companies. Traditionally companies mostly require administration office or any appropriate tutoring can be done. Online teaching companies don’t necessarily need an office to work since they can conduct their tutoring anywhere provided they have reliable device and internet connection.

Larger Market

Enough learning space for student mostly limits face to face tutoring, and most of the times they are unable to attend to the student who is out of their surroundings. Some of the reasons include transport cost issues. Luckily, online tutoring has come with a smaller market, and any student can be added to the tutoring location through internet technology.


Online tutoring is more flexible to attend to many students from different places at the same time. Unlike ordinary tutors who are only available to teach their student during evening hours when they are free from other daily engagements. Therefore, it makes it easier for the student to attend their online classes during their working schedule.

Lower operation costs

The current operation of online tutoring is much affordable compared to tradition tutoring. Some eliminated prices include building leases, marketing, transportation, phone charges and, many others. With online tutoring, you can do all that you want to do at your comfort home since they usually use lower rate online media like Skype, Zoom, Google meets and, many other useful tools.

The disadvantage of online tutoring

Online tutoring also has various downsides that bring challenges to the company. Here are multiple disadvantages. Lower entry barriers are among the disadvantages of online tutoring since it makes it easy for other new companies to come into the online market, which brings competition. Technology limitation is another major challenge that many students faces, especially in remote areas. Online tutors usually experience a hard time to reach out to these students.