sales manager hiring

[one_third]It is a fact that one of the most important positions in any organization is that of a sales manager. It is the volume of sales that keeps the business running and alive. Hence, the post of a sales manager is not to be taken lightly and only the best given the job. Some people are found to do well in sales careers, but others fail to even take off.  The winners are to be given the job.

5 essential characteristics to identify in sales managers

The right selection of candidates for the post is very much crucial and hence, with the right tips and guidelines, the entire process can be made easy and fruitful. The best sales manager is considered to be one who has proportional amounts of vital characteristics to help succeed high pressure, high rejection rate high activity, etc.

The best sales manager can be termed to be one who has reached the top skill level and imbibed the right mix like motivation, attitude, genetic abilities and character traits. Also, they will have the correct winning characteristic mix of the given below five dimensions.

sales manager hiring

  • Attitude: It is important for the sales manager to the have the right and positive image as well as a passion to help customers to solve their problems. Sales should be viewed as an admirable and worthy profession and they are to be considered as a trusted and expert advisor.
  • Character traits: The best sales manager is one who at the core is full of honesty, has solid work ethic, willingness to take on personal responsibility for the actions and decisions taken including genuine concern for everyone. The character traits are found imprinted on every person, but in varying degree. Each trait could be measured in the candidates at the time of interview. Character traits can be measured by asking behavioural interview questions.
  • Motivation: A good sales manager is one who stays motivated all the time, thus bringing change in his life including the others. They plan for long term and short term goals and eager to achieve the objectives to increase their skills and income process. Motivations also include developing long term financial security meant for everyone including family, colleagues and clients as well as improving lifestyle.
  • Personality traits: In total, there are eight traits that are to be measured. However, the performance of the sales manager is predicted by four of them namely, need for control, goal orientation, social confidence and social drive. The other traits will be scepticism, detailed orientation, need to mature and desire to create favourable impression. These traits measure the person’s ability to perform better within the entrepreneurial setting, which includes high rejection and activity. It is such candidates who enjoy better success and career in sales.
  • Sales skills: The effective and result oriented sales manager is one who has mastered the vital sales skills like networking and prospecting for finding leads, to conduct fact finding appointments, to present appropriate solutions to the needs of the clients, handle all types of objections and concerns and to gain long term client relationship.

It is the above traits that need to be checked when carrying out sales manager hiring process.[/one_third]