Way to control irrigation systems over long distances

Irrigation means the artificial supply of water to the soil by several systems of pumps, sprays and tubes. Irrigation is most important in areas with irregular rains. There are many advancements in the irrigation system to make it most effective. Among the advancements in irrigation system decoder irrigation system is one. The decoders in the irrigation system meanthe electronic appliances which connectthe irrigation controller to the wire path. The decoder systems are different from the conventional wired irrigation system as the decoder system will allow the control of several valves over huge distances and will decrease the usage of wire and labour. This can save huge money and also decrease the effort. The decoders operate the irrigation system valve solenoids by bringing both power and signal by the same path of the wire. This makes you install many irrigation valves on the same wire path. If this decoder system is not available instead of installing many irrigation stations on the same wire, you need an independent wire for every solenoid. So this two wired irrigation system is a good advancement for the irrigation system in recent times as it decreases the time, effort and saves money.The cost is shared by all the people in the same path of the wire using the irrigation system.

Advantages of using this type of irrigation system

  • Flexibility: As the decoders are placed in any way throughout the wire path, this system is flexible for the installer to make any modifications he requires. The installer can change the valve numbers according to theirnecessity. The numbers of the stations don’t require any particular order and can be placed according to the requirement of the installer. And it is very easy for the installer to change, remove or add any station whenever he requires according to his need.
  • Dependability: In this type of irrigation system, we use less wire as most stations along the main wire path depends on it. So the problems for this system also deceased as the wire usage is less compared to having a separate wire system for everyone. The decoders also have many safety measures provided by their companies such as waterproof, low voltage, etc.
  • Expandability: In this irrigation system, the path of the wire can effortlessly be divided and can be expanded based on the main control wire.All other valves required in this route can be easily attached to the nearby two-wire path instead of bringing a new irrigation system.
  • Troubleshooting: Finding the problem for any default in the device is always harder than resolving the problem. Troubleshooting is an easy and systematic method of finding the problem. Decoders in this system are priorly associated with the device to find the fault.