Glass Trophy Engraving

A glass trophy is a popular option for corporate or other awards and recognitions. They have a distinguished look and can be cut to almost any shape and design.

But the process of glass engraving is a tedious one. You may be unaware of all that it involves and how long it takes to complete.

Fortunately, technology has allowed faster and more precise production, which is why glass engraving continues to grow in popularity. But there are other factors to consider as well. Keep reading to find out what kind of turn-around you can expect for your engraving request.

Glass Trophy Engraving

Engraving goes back hundreds of thousands of years when stones or bone were used to chisel symbols on different materials. But today, the process involves positioning a concentrated laser beam to etch, or even remove, wording on various surfaces.

Once programmed, the specialized laser machines used by most companies only require a few seconds to complete the job. For this reason, you may think same-day engraving is the standard.

But the processes involved leading up to the printing can take more time. These are the ones you need to consider:

  • Calibrating the engraving machine
  • Backlog of jobs
  • Size and complexity of your order
  • Shipping

Each of these factors can impact the time it takes for engraving. They should be considered individually and collectively when estimating a timeline.

glass trophy

Calibrating Machines

Although the printing itself is done in less than a minute, it takes some time to make sure the machine is set with the correct information. Engravers must double-check spelling, font, design, and any special graphics required by the project. The objects that are being engraved are often very expensive, and so mistakes can be quite costly.

Due to the precision with which they must operate, laser engraving machines must be recalibrated on a regular basis. This ensures that they perform properly. These are complex machines, that require a great deal of attention and upkeep.

Backlog of Jobs

How busy your custom glass trophy engraving shop is will impact turn-around time as well. This may depend on how many engraving machines the company has. Often, shops have two or more running simultaneously.

Some stores tout 24-hour turn-around, but this may not be the case during busier times of the year. But they should be able to provide you this information at the time of your order.

Size and Complexity of Your Job

How many awards and the detail on each also will determine how quickly the store can complete the job. If you have a single item, then you can expect to have it back in a day or two, at the most. If your project involves dozens of individual items with different specifications for each, then these glass trophy awards will take much longer to complete.


If you are not using a brick-and-mortar engraving store, then you should consider how long it will take for the shop to mail the order to you. Glass trophies require special packaging to ensure they are not damaged during shipping. This itself can take a lot of time and attention.

Order Your Glass Trophy

Now that you have a sense of the variables involved in producing a glass trophy award, you can begin to look for a reputable engraver. The best thing you can do is plan ahead. Do not wait until the last minute to order these recognitions for your special event.

We hope this information on engraving is useful to you. Be sure to check out some of our other posts on careers, business development, finance, and many other issues.