The healthcare industry has also improved that there is the introduction of robots. At some places for some duties, you do not need doctors. Robots have been overtaking the nurses. Custom robo is specially designed as per the required functions. In this article, the types of robots found in the healthcare industry are listed down.

Types of robo

  1. Surgical robo – The robots that are used for surgeries are known as surgical robots. The surgical robots help in surgical procedures. The robots are computer-controlled so that can aid in the surgery for the instruments. The robot self-building chips determine surgeries that are to be done. Instead of a nurse, the robot assists the doctor to perform some complex procedures. Robotic surgery is very minimum surgery that has only tiny incisions.
  1. Exoskeleton robo – Exoskeleton robots provide unique professional services. They give a wide range of applications. These robots give support to human motion. These robots are designed to help the joint or limb movement of a patient. Fish can specifically function when it is limited to mobility and strength. These are wearable robot devices that work to reinforce human performance.

  1. Care robots – These robots are used to support elderly and disabled patients. They are used to give them the assessment of nurses. They were from the tasks such as taking blood, measuring body temperature, and maintaining hygiene. They can provide time to time medicines to the patients.
  1. Hospital robots – The robots that help in a hospital are known as hospital robots. These robots help in delivering the medications or laboratory specimens. We also provide medical equipment in case a doctor is needed urgently. These robots can also help to disinfect hospital devices and equipment.
  1. Hospital cleaning robots – Cleaning robot’s main duty is to clean the hospital. They clean and sanitize the hospital whenever needed. They can also clean the patient’s room. They can clean each and every corner of the hospital.

These are the types of custom robo that are used in hospitals. The hospital can ask for what kind of robot they need. Other than this robots are also used for medical device packing, laboratory tests, cutting bone, or massaging. Today the healthcare sector has seen a lot of change because of advanced technologies. The surgeries are now so simple to perform, thanks to all the advancements in the medical field.