The point of sale system is the most important, tool for the entire retailer. Most of us only know that the POS system can only raise sales along with faster checkouts. You will be surprised to know another feature of the pos system. It can track all your transactions, inventory and can also alert you when you need to reorder. Isn’t, an unusual feature! If you would, want to have a mobile pos system with printer in your store right but wait before doing this, you need to choose the right pos solution and their proper setup.

  • Find the right solution: Before you start thinking about the setup, first do proper research on the different POS solutions and find out which one will suit the best for your store. The right selection of the software and hardware will ease the process of setting up.
  • Determine the store: Next, finalize the store where you are going to fix the setup. Answer few questions so that you can get all the required materials for setting up. For example, what type of devices you would be using, how many do you need, and what payment methods will you accept.
  • Decide who will setup the system: There are two ways of setting up your pos system. If you have a small store, where only a few types of products. Then You simply need to have a mobile, and you can set up the system by yourself. But in case you have multiple stores or one store big store with multiple items then it is better to take help from the pos vendor.
  • The POS service vendor will provide many different services like giving complete training to the store team, uploading all the items, the configuration of the system, transferring all the data into the system, and connecting the system with all the other applications.

  • Launch the software: First, the vendor will run the software, and then you need to configure your login credential by filling in some details about your business.
  • Enter the product: If you have only a few items in your store, you can enter the product details manually. If the list is large then you upload the bulk inventory data into the system.
  • User account: In the POS system, you are allowed to create a user ID and account as per your requirement like a separate account for admins and cashiers.
  • Setup payments: Once you connect the pos system to your payment device configure all software to recognize the different payment applications.
  • Connect the system with other apps: It is always better that you connect all the different applications with the pos system. For doing this you need to inform the pos provider of all the applications which need to be connected before buying it. 


Hope you will use the above information while setting up your pos system.