The chairman position is such a prestigious one for an esteemed firm and he should have certain roles and responsibilities in developing that particular firm. The AGF Management Limited is the most popular company which undergoes certain deals and operations with so many companies all over the world. This is an investment management company and the chairman and chief executive officer of such company is Blake Golding. The AGF Company has grown well and also it has a very he reputation among various companies. In Sunbrook Health Sciences Centre, the Blake Goldring joined as one of the board of directors. He is one of the people joined there in January 2010. In March 2014, he was appointed as the chairman of the board of directors. He also holds various positions such as member of the nominee and quality committee. He also had various services on various boards which mainly include Totonto Symphony Orchestra. He got an honor from the Canadian Army as a Colonel and he is also the chairman and founder of a famous Canada Army.

 There are so many ways for him to serve this society in a better way. He also had done so many charity services especially in the Canadian force and also with their families. He did his graduation of BA in economics from the Toronto University and also done Master of Business Administration from the France University. He had used his position in a very good useful way and also he had done lots of humanity services to the Canadian people. He is one of the best members of the Toronto Society of Financial Analysts and also he becomes the fellow institute of the Canadian bankers. He is the past Vice Chairman and the past director of the Investment Funds Institute of Canada and also he is the present member of the IFIC Committee. He makes many people to provide better services to the people who are in need of charity. He also launched so many plans and schemes for the welfare of the Canadian people. He had a very good supporter of the AGF Management Company.