Michael Saltzstein

Good companies always thrive when they agree to take on risks to survive in the market. Sometimes, these risks give them attractive profits that help them get a strategic edge.  However, in order to get the best results, you should ensure that you take calculated risks to ensure your company is protected against all the odds. This is where the purchase of insurance steps in. No matter how small your business might be, you must invest in the right corporate insurance that covers your business completely.

Michael Saltzstein – An expert speaks on corporate insurance

Michael Saltzstein is an esteemed professional with invaluable experience in technology solutions, alternate risk financing, crisis leadership, strategic alignment, occupational health & safety, coverage evaluation, strategies for business growth, workers compensation, and actuarial studies, self-insured and deductible analysis, and win-win negotiations. He is a leader when it comes to the delivery of multi-million dollar expense reduction and bottom-line improvements that minimize costs and optimize coverage. He has successfully optimized award-winning programs for risk management, reserving, economic strategies, and high- quality state-of-the-art coverage.

Michael Saltzstein

Currently, he specializes in the field of corporate insurance and risk management. Besides this, he is actively involved in voluntary services and serves as the Chairman for Risk Management Task Force, Local Officials Chairman, Local General Chairman and Local Safety Chairman for USA Swimming, he has effectively been a dedicated official and volunteer for the above organization for over 30 years.

Buying the right corporate cover for your business

He says that when it comes to the purchase of corporate insurance, you must ensure it aligns with the nature and scale of operations of your business. As a business owner, you need adequate coverage against burglary, accidents, third-party liability, and more. There are insurance plans that cover these risks for your business, and you should consult experts in the field to get sufficient cover for your business needs.

Make the most of your corporate insurance

To get the maximum benefits from your corporate insurance, you need to make a list and determine the vital areas your business needs covered. The policy you choose must meet all the business insurance needs you have. Here, you need to take appropriate steps to protect your company. Ensure your business space is safe and healthy for others, especially your employees. You should keep everything organized and in order. Even fixing the damage will help you fix things and go a long way in protecting your business.

As per Michael Saltzstein, customers are an integral and vital part of your business. Make sure they are safe in your workplace or store. If you pay attention to their safety, the risks of accidents are less, and lawsuits will never be filed for injury claims. When it comes to cautions and warnings about safety, make sure your message to concerned persons are defined and clear. Make sure you are not vague by placing tiny signs in places people miss. He sums up by saying that the more direct you are, the better your defense will be if a person ignores these signs!