Virtual Office For Your Business

Many investors from many countries arrive in different countries intending to settle there. There are many reasons why they are attracted to these countries. The nation has always been a favourite of investors due to the excellent support offered by the government. The business environment is very good with all the essential requirements for business fully met. All the necessary supports for business are available, and the market potential is only increasing day by day. Go to for more aids on these matters of starting a company.

The location of the country is one of the main supports for businesses. It is strategically located to connect the two halves of the world. Products on both sides can go to the other side. Also, it is easy to supply the Southeast Asian markets with which has concluded free trade agreements. The excellent logistical support facilitates the importation of goods and supply in these countries.

Low tax rate and exemptions

Another reason that attracts foreigners to is the low tax rate. After that, the increase is in slabs. This saves businesses a lot of money to reinvest in the company. Personal tax rates for residents are also meagre, which prompts many foreigners to become residents.

Virtual Office For Your Business

A simple procedure for setting up a company

The procedure for registering a new business is straightforward and quick. If you can meet all of AIDA’s obligations and submit completed and signed documents, it will only take a few days to incorporate your business. You don’t need to spend time on it because there are very competent agencies to get the job done very quickly.

The process begins with registering your business. You can get a name availability check from the agents. This will tell you if your preferred name is available for registration and then company setup hong kong. To this end, it is best to have a few options for the business to register one. It would be best if you used a name that will represent your business and its activities.

Requirements for incorporation 

You must have at least one director, one shareholder and a general secretary. A limited liability company or a subsidiary can have up to fifty shareholders. They can be individuals or companies. Foreign companies can open wholly-owned subsidiaries. They enjoy all the benefits of a local business.

At least one director of the company must be resident. He or she must be a resident or a foreigner who has a job pass. Foreign companies can obtain a job pass for the person who will travel to manage the operations of the business and to make them the resident manager.

The secretary of a company must be in the office within six months of the incorporation of the company. The person must also be a resident. Because the person is responsible for the proper functioning of the business according to the rules, he must be familiar with the laws of the company. It is preferable to appoint a person experienced in managing a business or professionally qualified in matters of business.