Ireland Immigration Program

Ireland is an island in North Atlantic. It is the third-largest in Europe. It has a rich cultural history and has a low crime rate and provides excellent working conditions. Ireland has become of the highly popular immigration destination in the world. Before planning to immigrate, you must know about the Ireland immigration service. If you want to immigrate for studies then you must apply for a Study visa.

Study visa

To obtain a visa firstly, you have to get a letter of acceptance from a recognized school or college in Ireland with the course name. This course must be full-time and has 15 hours per week study time. You must have to submit evidence of:-

  • You must have medical insurance.
  • That the fee has been paid.
  • You have the ability and capability to pursue it.
  • And a confirmation of your return after completing the course.

Irish Employment Permits

It is a job offer based work permit that allows outsiders to work in Ireland. There are several permits required for employment. Some of them are:-

  • Critical Skills Employment Permit.
  • Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit.
  • Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit.
  • General Employment Permit.
  • Reactivation Employment Permit.
  • Internship Employment Permit.

Ireland Immigration Program

Golden visa in Ireland is available for non-EU citizens. This program was first launched in the year 2012 and also stated as an Immigrant investor program.  It grants permanent residence in Ireland. You must consult the law specialist for guidance. This program was introduced to increase or sustain investments in the economy.The immigrant investor program (IIM) offers four investment options like Enterprise Investment, Investment fund, Real estate investment fund and Endowment. After the application has accepted you remain in Ireland for up to five years with the possibility of renewal.

According to the country’s legislation, all the immigrants’ investors must be a resident in Ireland before their application form at least for 12 months. Except for 1 million of the investment, there are other required fesses like application fee, advisory fee. It happens under certain conditions which are as follows:

  • You must be having a clear criminal record at the time of application.
  • Investment of at least EUR 1 million in the real estate sector in Ireland is mandatory while applying for the visa.
  • A good character certificate of the investor issued by the authorities in the country is also a compulsion.
  • The source of investment should be provided.

Besides all the certain conditions to obtain a visa, an investor needs to demonstrate that the personal income of investors is a minimum of EUR 2 million. IIP applications take on average of 16 and 18 weeks although it can take longer than that.

Before migrating to any country you must know about the details so, that you won’t be stuck later.