Jaw Crushers


Crushers are used for a variety of applications. They are widely used in mining, oil and gas exploration and the construction of bridges. After being introduced in the 1950s, these crushers have become increasingly popular with manufacturers as they have been able to increase productivity due to the reduction of material handling costs. Crushers are widely available at most hardware stores and can be purchased new or used.

Advantages Of Using Crusher

These crushers are the primary crusher used in mining and construction. They are typically used as a first stage of crushing in ore processing and are ideal for brittle materials such as coal and limestone. These are often preferred because they can handle large feed sizes and produce a more uniform product size, which is important for reducing the costs of mining.

Disadvantages Of Using Crusher

They often have internal cracking, which can lead to dangerous injuries or kills when the product is being moved through the plant. The main disadvantages of using a jaw crusher include:  difficulty in operating, maintenance processes, and repair costs; high operating costs; product failure due to cracks caused by internal cracking; high scrap rates; high machine wear; high equipment breakdowns; labor cost; energy consumption; noise pollution

Disadvantages Of Using Crusher

Types Of Jaw Crusher

There are numerous types of these crushers including continuous feed and batch feed with open jaw. The most common type of jaw crusher is the continuous feed jaw crusher because it is the most economical when compared to batch feed and open crusher. The flow rate of the material being crushed in a batch feed crusher will determine how much material may be processed at a time before having to be fed into the next stage in the crushing process.

How To Choose The Right Type For Your Business

Jaw crushers are becoming more and more popular because they can be used in a variety of applications. They are used to crush various types of materials such as rocks, bones, rock salt, and sand. The most commonly used material is iron ore but other materials such as limestone or coal can also be crushed. They have been around since the early days of mining when they were used to separate iron ore from the sand it contained. These are now being used in construction where they are being replaced by hydraulic machinery.


The main application for this type of crushers is for materials such as coal and unrefined sand for which large volume purchases are made on a regular basis. Many companies use these types of machines to crush both large and small aggregates into smaller pieces (such as sand) or larger solid chunks (such as coal) that can be easily sold as ore or transported to further processing plants.