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When you are planning email marketing campaigns, you should ensure that you reach the right audience. However, most business owners fail to understand what their audience expects and needs. When they plan their campaigns, they often do not know much about their audience as they do not undertake sufficient research to do so. Experts in digital and email marketing state the above is one of the biggest mistakes you commit when it comes to promoting your business to the targeted audience.

Harris Scott Kreichman – Do not make mistakes when it comes to reaching out to the right audience

Harris Scott Kreichman is a leading name in direct and email marketing in the USA. He is the managing partner of eTargetMedia an esteemed name in the field of digital marketing in the USA. Under his guidance, this company has excelled itself in the field of email marketing with top clients all over the nation. He has over 20 years of invaluable experience and focuses on email marketing, advertising, customer acquisition, digital marketing strategy, media buying, and multi-channel integrated marketing in the USA.

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Research to understand the audience psyche

When it comes to an understanding your targeted audience for email marketing, you should make an earnest effort to first understand them well. You should cater to what they need emotionally and ensure their deepest desires are satisfied. He suggests business owners should keep in mind the following tips when it comes to an understanding their audience for email marketing campaigns-

  • Begin with the fundamentals and start to note down important demographic data about your targeted customers like their location, gender, age, buying patterns, etc.
  • Once you have identified the emotional needs of your targeted audience, the next step is to deep in deeper and recognize the issues that you can help your targeted audience to resolve.
  • When doing this, dive deep into their emotional goals, desires, and fears. It is prudent to document them and cater to them individually for marketing success.
  • Google Analytics can help you with the above data. You should carefully analyze Audience Reports and try to find out the important traits of your targeted audience listed on the first point, like age, career, sex, etc. This detailing will help you to create the correct audience persona.
  • When you have made your personas devise ways to influence them. These strategies will become the influencers; that each of your email marketing strategies should target.

In the opinion of Harris Scott Kreichman, that when you are creating an email marketing campaign for your targeted audience, you need to recognize your means and ensure you stick to the budget. You must list three things- your budget for the email marketing campaign, other digital channels you wish to use, and your team. You must be aware of the available financial and manpower resources you have for the present campaign. You must evaluate its performance and make changes as and when required. Even when you plan for the next campaign, you should keep the above factors in mind to get a competitive edge in the market with your email marketing campaigns with success!