New investors have no prior experience, so they face a tough situation in the CFD trading business. If you have lack knowledge, you might find it extremely hard to execute the trade at the initial stage. For this reason, professionals suggest the rookie traders use the demo account for few months. By using the demo account, anyone can make themselves comfortable with this complex market. Most importantly, demo trading helps retail traders to develop their skills.

We all know, the success rate among retail traders is not that high. More than 96% of retail traders are losing money. Today, we are going to highlight the common causes for which we have such a low success rate in the trading profession.

Being confused

There are huge differences between the practical and the theoretical process of trading. Most of the newbies become confused after opening their trading account. They cannot take the proper step because they do not have any idea to analyze the price charts. Most of the time, they take are driven by fake news and within a short time, they lose everything. So, if you are new to this profession, you must learn about the basics. Create a well-balanced trading strategy by using the demo account so that you don’t have to take any trades with gut feelings. As you keep trading the market with technical and fundamental analysis, you will slowly learn to trade with confidence. Eventually, you will never become confused with your actions.

Low confidence

If you face series of losses, the confidence level will become extremely low. To deal with such a situation, you must develop some rules and follow these properly. Low confidence will not allow you to take the right step at the right moment. Develop your risk management plan, so that you don’t have to worry about losing trades. Improve your analytical ability by using a professional demo account. Check over here and see the demo account at Saxo. Get your free demo account and practice regularly. Soon, you will gain back your confidence and thus find high-quality trade signals.

Getting puzzled

Sometimes, traders unconsciously repeat the mistakes. So, they become stuck with the same problem and become confused. In such a condition, you need to take a break and look for the solution. Once you find a fix for the problem, you will have a big smile on your face as you will never make the same mistake. You must have the ability to identify your weakness and only then you can succeed in the UK trading community. Never get puzzled at the trading profession and have faith in your trading strategy.

Immature act

Pro investors always embrace the loss. They never quit trading because of facing the losing streak. But, the novice traders become depressed and lose their courage to begin a new day. As a new trader, you need to improve your trading system and develop the courage to accept the losses. Starting to trade with aggression just to cover up the loss is nothing but an immature act. Always remember, it is never possible to beat the market. Work hard and fix your problems so that you can go with the market flow. Try to adjust yourself to the dynamics of this market. Make sure you never close the trade too early just to book a small profit. Maintain a 1:2 risk to reward ratio in each trade so that you don’t have to struggle to recover the losses.

You must learn to avoid immature actions at trading. Face your problem and look for the solution. If required, hire a professional trader and seek help from them. But never become restless just to win big trades. CFD trading is nothing but the most elite business in the world. So, you have to act like a mature investor to earn money consistently.