custom paper coffee cups

After your party at home, for sure you have plenty of paper cups that you need to dispose of. Even those custom paper coffee cups are designed for one-time use. You cannot wash and use them again. But even though they are not designed for multiple uses, there is a way for you to recycle them even at home. So instead of throwing them away, here are some tips that you can do to recycle them.

Pencil Holders

Using your used paper cups, you can make cute desk organizers like pencil holders out of it. Group the cups and glue them together to make more sections for your pencils, ball pens, colored pens, and so on. If you are using customized paper cups, then there’s no need for you to design them to make it pop. You can use the pencil holders in your home office or in your kids’ study table.

Disposable Scoop

Wash your paper cups clean and store them for future use. You can then use them as a scoop for pet food or your gardening supplies. There’s no more need to buy plastic scoops because these used paper cups can be a good alternative. And once you think that you need to replace the scoop, that’s the time that you can dispose of them properly.

custom paper coffee cups

Use As Compost

If you have a backyard garden and you have your own compost, then you use your used paper cups as well. The compost needs some dry materials. So shred your paper cups and add them to your compost. Some people use newspapers, dried leaves, and sawdust. If you have paper cups that you need to dispose of, then you can add them as dry material for your compost.

Recycle As Decor

Clean and store your paper cups because you can recycle them as home decor in the holiday seasons. You can cut them up in the middle and make the paper cups as garland. Paint them by using festive colors and make two holes on each cup bottom. Then use a string or twine to make into a garland. You can also make these as paper cup lights during Christmas. All you need is to poke a hole on each cup. Using your Christmas lights, stick each of the bulbs into the hole at the bottom of the cup. You can use them as lampshades too.

There are so many things that you can do with your used paper cups. All you need is just an idea on how to make it work. So the next time that you order customized paper cups online, make sure that you choose a design that you can use for multiple purposes if you want to recycle them after use.