Business startup with business tips

Every Brand’s motto is to maximize traffic and their conversion rates in the most economical way possible. This can be made possible only if you find the perfect affiliate marketing manager with impressive testimonials and success track record. The Advertise Purple affiliate managers are fully loaded with all the statistics you require to have irrefutable faith in offering them your brand and making it a grand success. All your brand marketing needs are met at

The Key role of an Affiliate Manager:

A resourceful affiliate manager will always strive to develop, manage and support your marketing program by eliminating competition and leading it towards success. This process includes promoting your brand in the most economical way by negotiation and maintenance of old and new promotions and contracts and recruitment of new affiliates. A resourceful affiliate manager has to perform the following functions to survive and create a niche in the cut throat competitive digital world.

Engage with the best performing content producers – The Advertise Purple affiliate managers collaborate with the world’s leading content producers that can render quality driven performance that matches your vertical.

Escalate the traffic conversion rate – Unlike its adversaries, who focus primarily on getting traffic to the brand, the Advertise Purple affiliate managers work towards escalating the conversation rate of traffic by converting the prospective customers to actual customers. They make this possible by operating with high ranked websites and blogs.

Business startup with business tips

Buy the top website ad spots – Once you have the access to the ad spaces of the top performing websites, you can ensure profitable returns.

Internal affiliate testing – The Advertise Purple affiliate managers constantly test internally for industry compliant campaigns, latest trends in traffic and page combination landing, which leads to higher conversion rate for your vertical.

Success Statistics:

Within nine years, using elaborate data and market research, the Advertise Purple affiliate managers have affiliate-driven profit of over $22 million. With best strategies of media buying the average sales growth rate in the initial six months is 131%. A few clients have experienced exceptional sales growth rate of around 242% annually.

Performance and Security Measures: The performance of the Advertise Purple affiliate managers can be measure by the sales expansion and the rise in actual customers. The safety of your account is managed by the trustworthy and unique affiliates who match with the industry compliance.

Upgraded safe technology: The Advertise Purple affiliate managers assign a team of data scientists to monitor all the platforms and locations round the clock enforcing the search and display policies of the client. The client is aware of the KPI’s, current sales data and the overall impression generated by the marketing campaigns.