CQB Coaching: What are the principles of CQB?

CQB is a combat sport that uses gunfire as the only permitted means of self-defense. It focuses on training one to make quick and decisive head shots on their opponents, utilizing short range weapons such as handguns, submachine guns and assault rifles. The most common tool for CQB is the handgun but it can also be performed with carbines or shotguns with round counts below 10 rounds. In cqb coaching hong kong, the number of rounds fired in such a fight is limited to what you have loaded in your magazine or what is contained in your gun’s chamber so even if you run out of bullets after firing a certain number you can still keep fighting until you are forced to disengage from combat.

Physical Fitness

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Physical fitness is vital for a training session, especially one that does not involve training the body for long periods of physical activity. Wargame training hong kong requires an intense amount of cardio throughout the session, so it is very important to be in good physical condition. This can be achieved through exercise and diet.

Mental Conditioning

Mental conditioning is just as important as physical conditioning in CQB; this helps to hone one’s instincts. Often, the smallest errors commit by a defensive shooter can turn a game around and contribute to their elimination or capture. Mental training plays a big role in CQB techniques and negotiations with opponents due to the short timeframe involved with such fights.

Mental Preparation

To become a successful CQB combatant, one must first learn how to be a successful CQB combatant. This implies that the individual must understand all facets of the sport. It is not enough to just know how to shoot, as this may not be enough in an actual situation. Knowledge of tactics, timing, and self-defense are all important aspects of being a successful shooter.


The primary objective of a CQB fight is to eliminate the threat, which is often the opposing player(s). For this reason, marksmanship has to be at its finest. This includes marksmanship with a handgun and a carbine as well as one’s ability to collect and accurately fire a shotgun. Just as in any other type of shooting sport, there are many different techniques that can be used in such a fight; it is important to choose the most effective method for your needs.