Just like any other machinery, aircon systems sometimes develop problems that will require the services of an expert to sort it out. Sometimes these problems can be avoided if you use aircon servicing Singapore. You will get to enjoy your air con comfortably for a long time without experiencing these problems.

Problems you will encounter if you do not service your air con system

Failure of the air con to turn on

The wiring system of your air con may break or get burnt and therefore affect the ability of the system from turning on. Sometimes these wires take some time before they completely burn or break. Unfortunately you will not know this unless you service your air con.

Leakage of water

There are times when you will notice water leaking from the air con. If unattended, this problem may result in growth of mold which will eventually affect the air con. There is usually a blockage in the drainage or the condensation pan is defective. These problems could easily be avoided if the air con is regularly serviced because the problem could have been avoided.

Failure of the air con to work even if it is on

Sometimes you may find that the air con may not heat or cool your home even when it is obviously on. There is the possibility of there being a defective grill. The only way this problem could degenerate to this point is if no one has had a chance to look at the air con. The only time you will have someone have a look at the air con before it gets spoilt is during servicing. During servicing the grill is usually well cleaned out guaranteeing that the problem will not occur.

Vibration of the external fan but inefficiently working

The purpose of the external fan is to remove heat from a room and release it out. This means a faulty fan will be unable to do this. When this happens the fan will need to be replaced. You can avoid these problems by regularly servicing your air con.

Unusual noise

This noise is quite irritating and is quite distracting especially if the air con is in an office or in the bedroom. The most common cause of this is a defective fan belt. Servicing the fan early allows you to find out about this so that it can be replaced before you have to endure this irritating noise.

When you use aircon servicing Singapore, you will be saving yourself these problems which may end up being expensive to solve. It is always better to prevent a problem than solving it because it ends up being a costly affair.