Bench top jointer is one which doesn’t stand on its own which must be placed on a bench top or other sources for use. Many people make wood designing as hobby for them this bench top jointer is perfect choice.

Jointers mean which straights one side of a surface and attaches to another. There are two parallel blades with a fence in between with angle of 90 degree.

This is also used to clear the abnormalities in edges of a board. You may also grab more knowhow by visiting

The following are few bench top jointers they are:

Delta power tools

  • This jointer is very interesting. This is unique for its outstanding performance and power. It confirms the minimized vibrations.
  • It is made of aluminium where other jointers are made of cast iron. It uses 120V and motor 12Amp that turns the blade at 10000RPM. However, this mechanism features two straight blades on the cutter head. This allows 20000 cuts in a minute.
  • It is capable of making double stops at 90 and 45 and degree angles
  • This has strong durability. It runs under 1.5 HP motor powers. Extra two push blocks are given with it.


  • This is an economical responsive for buyers. Motor is run with a 1.5 HP power supply. It comes with a cutter head with 2 blades that rotate at 10000RPM speed.
  • It is modifiable and guarantees 20000 cuts every minute.
  • The disadvantage is it chips the wood some times.

Guidance to buy a bench top jointer:

The purpose of this tool is it supports to level the edges of a board. This is also help full to smoothen minor pieces of wood and the level the indiscretions of wood.

Types of bench top:

  1. Bench top: It works by levelling or uncurling the edges of a board.
  2. Long bed: This is the lengthier one
  3. Closed stand: This is the best when it comes to durability

We need to take into consider few things before buying a bench top they are:

Project: Based on the development work what we are dealing is important. Some major plans require more than 6 inch.

Depth: The cutting depth of the jointer has a direct influence on the swiftness of the blades.

The 6-inch: The 6-inch jointer is modest to use and it does for most home applications

Fence: Some of the projects will require support at slanted angles. So fence is most vital for their angle of placement.

Table: The main aim of buying a benchtop jointer is to make conventional and flat surfaces. This is why the need for a flat table is compulsory. Ensure that the table you chose is similar with the cutting head.