Go Paperless in 2021

The shuffle letters, bills, and the dreaded junk mail that plague your mailbox should be a thing of the past in our increasingly paperless world. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for all things. Only 12-15% of bills and statements arrive electronically, and while the bills are getting paid online, the statements are still piling up in your mailbox.

Mail isn’t the only problem though; all business practices could benefit from adapting to paperless strategies. So, what is the solution? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 3 expert tips for how to go paperless this year!

Let’s take a look!

  1. Manage Forms

Whether you are managing new and existing clients, patients, or employees, you should be moving away from paper forms and instead utilizing e-forms to manage files. Rather than printing dozens of copies of intake forms or onboarding documents, create an e-form to reduce paper and clutter.

If paperwork needs to be signed, you can utilize digital signature technology. This is a simple solution for going paperless at the office.

  1. Utilize Apps

If you have decided that it is time to consider going paperless you probably want to apply those practices to both home and office. Apps are your new best friend for that reason. Organization apps can help you manage to-do lists, grocery lists, meetings, events, and more all without ever using a pen a paper.

going paperless

You won’t have to worry about missed calls or events because most apps can sync your schedule to your calendar in realtime. This way you won’t be fumbling through a date-book trying to keep track of important tasks.

  1. Manage Bills

Your bills, statements, invoices, etc. can all create quite the pile-up come mail delivery time. Going paperless is a simple solution to get organized, reduce clutter, and help the environment. Start by making sure that all of your statements, bills, etc., can be paid online.

If they can be paid online, then in most cases, you should be able to submit a request for electronic billing and payment. Keep a central email folder for all statements of this nature to keep you organized and loving going paperless!

Things to Note

Keep in mind that going paperless is an adjustment. Take your time and make sure that you do it the right way so that you don’t feel tempted to go back to paper. Don’t try to do everything all at once either!

Give yourself time to get used to small changes. Try making the switch to one thing at a time per week until you are feeling good about the changes!

How to Go Paperless

These 3 expert tips for how to go paperless will help make the transition a breeze. Making the change to reducing your paper use in the office as well as going paperless at home is good for the environment and will help reduce stress from cluttered areas, missed deadlines, and more!

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