Hotel management is a complex field. Both hotel owners and managers need to be alert and prompt with their guests all the time. The staff should be proactive and well-coordinated so that there are no misunderstandings at all. If you look at the hotel management industry today, you will find several players in the market. All of them are vying for the attention of the average customer. Their marketing and promotional events target both travelers and locals. In short, competition in the industry is intense. There can be no room for mistakes. If mis-communication takes place, the hotel needs to pay a dear price for it. This is where communication comes into play and becomes vital for everyone present in the premise.

DJ Rama – How can you implement good communication tools in your hotel?

DJ Rama is no stranger to the hotel and hospitality industry in the USA. He is the Vice President of JHM Hotels and the recipient of the 2013 Cornell MMH Outstanding Alumnus of the Year Award presented to him by the Master of Management in Hospitality Program under the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. He is known and well-respected for his outstanding business leadership skills in the hotel and hospitality industry.

The threats of mis-communication and its harm to the hotel industry

When it comes to the hotel industry’s successful operations, it is prudent for every owner of a premise to focus on communication training. Every member on the payroll of the hotel should be trained and well-versed in the field of communication. In the event of any mis-communication, mistakes take place. This is surely something no one wants. You need to be careful to ensure everyone is aware and on the same page. In this way, you are able to reduce the occurrence of mistakes.

Popular methods for effective communication

Hotel owners and managers can use the following methods for effective communication within the premise of the hotel-

  1. Face to face communication- Here, the hotel manager should communicate with the staff personally. Daily briefings on news and updates can help keep everyone on the same page.
  1. Conduct meetings- When you conduct regular meetings with your employees, you are able to get their feedback. This really goes a long way in sorting out problems.
  1. Videos- In case you need to communicate important news, you can use videos. They help the staff to retain information better.
  1. Internal platform for social media- You can have your own internal platform for social media. This helps everyone in the hotel build rapport with one another. It builds a good culture in the organization as well.

As pointed out by DJ Rama if a hotel has the budget, an effective tool to build communication is an employee app. This keeps everyone engaged and updated when it comes to the latest news and information. The hotel manager plays a vital role in the field of communication. They are the problem-solvers in the hotel. When it comes to leading the other staff under them, they are role models. In case of doubts or queries, the procedures must be explained in detail so that the hotel business does not suffer.