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Roof top tents also called as RTT are more popular than ever, owing to their comfort and a significant number of jeeps and campers who seek adventures. Attached securely to a rackwhich is positioned on the roof the jeep or car, these tents can be set up in a quick time. All you need to do is simply unfold them and lower the ladder to get access to the tent.

So, people who have great love for camping and adventure, they are always in search of best rooftop tent and best winches for their jeep. Continue to read the following paragraphs to learn about the top 3 rooftop tents for the jeep.

Overlander Roof Top Tent – Smittybilt

The Smittybilt offer highly specialized items in jeep accessories, so it does not come surprise that their rooftop is regarded ideal for jeep of all types, especially if you are the owner of a Wrangler. The body of the Smittybilt roof top tent is made utilizing heavy duty ripstop poly and therefore is waterproof in nature. Also, it comes equipped with a sunroof which can be covered and uncovered and is protected via a mesh net for mosquitoes, similar to one which is used in access doors and windows.

The lower body of the tent is with the aid of aluminum sandwich base and features a 2-inch heavy duty foam mattress to ensure a perfect sleep during the night. The roof tent also has an additional waterproof rainfly for rainy days. The price of the tent is one of the most affordable which makes it quite perfect for off-road adventurers and owners of bumpers

ARB Simpson

ARB bull bars, fridges, lockers, jeep bumpers and roof top tents are some of the most sought-after accessories among adventure aficionados. The all new ARB Simpson roof top tent is extremely hassle free to deploy and offers quite an excellent ventilation when required. The roof top tent comes equipped with a thick and comfortable mattress which makes the travelling gear quite easier to fold at the time of packing.

Moreover, it can also made to unfold off the side to be fitted into the rear of the vehicle. Above everything, the tent comes equipped with high quality poly-cotton rip-stop canvas and provides guarantee of being 100% waterproof. So, with the ARB Simpson rooftop tent for jeep, you can expect to not face any trouble during strong winds and rains.

Tepui Baja Series Kukenam

The Tepui Baja Series Kukenam is a perfect choice for the serious campers who take pride in heading for camping during any season of the year. The tent features innovative design which makes it ideal for extreme adventure lovers. The Tepui comes with interchangeable canopy which can be customized based on the climatic conditions. The tent makes use of Zipper Gimp to simply attach the canopy to the base of the tent enabling the individual to customize it depending on the weather.

There is a mesh shade canopy tailormade for humid weather, a lightweight nylon rip-stop canopy for the season of spring and an aluminized one for unexpectedly strong weather. Along with variety of features, the rooftop tent also comes with detachable rainfly to protect you during rainy season. However, the basic model includes only a single canopy and you can invest into additional ones as per your requirements.