best shock kit for Nissan Titan

Nissan Titan radiates power. Its main purpose for the introduction was its power and designed for best off and on-road driving. Although, it is seen that good maintenance and good quality parts are the requirements of the vehicle to avail of the maximum benefits. It can be said as aa durable car but for high performance of the vehicle superior shock absorbers are required. We can see that the markets are displayed with shocks but only a few stand out from the regulars. One such if the few shocks that continue to eclipse other shocks are the Bilstein shocks. These stand out in the market due to its high performance in delivering stability and control. And apart from that, these are cheap reliable and durable.

Let us look at the best shock kit for Nissan Titan. 

Review of Bilstein series shock absorbers for Nissan Titan

  1. Bilstein 4600 shock kit- 
  • It has on tube gas shock construction
  • It is yellow powdered and is coated with blue boot
  • High nitrogen pressure and great gas performance
  • Collapse length is: 11.3/15.31 inches
  • massive self-adjusting and digressive piston
  • designed for vehicles that have stock height

The above given are some of the main features of the shock absorber that makes it an ideal product for a Nissan Titan 4WD that is known to have stock height already. These advantages of the shock are for providing better stability more control and reduced movements in case of a change in road condition.

best shock kit for Nissan Titan

The pros for buying this shock absorber:

  • The mono-tube gas press. tech. helps in preventing the foaming of shock oil and helps in increasing the performance
  • And for the durability their chrome-plated piston rod
  • Best shock kit for Nissan Titan
  • Affordable and easy to install
  1. Bilstein 5100 shock kit-
  • Floating and dividing piston
  • Mono-tube gas and shock construction
  • massive self-adjusting and digressive piston
  • The extended length is 15.61/25.0 inches
  • The collapsed length is 11.47/15.79 inches
  • corrosion-resistant with a zinc finish for its longevity
  • come along with height-adjustable struts
  • easy to install
  • ideal for towing due to high-performance shocks

The above given are some of the main features of this kit that makes it more suitable for Nissan titan As these give one of the peak performances. And the reason behind the mono-tube gas technology is that these are used to gain better stability and higher control. These are mainly designed to provide comfort

and amazing comfort when there is a change in road conditions.

The pros of buying this shock are:

  • It uses the technology of the mono-tube gas press.
  • And features zinc plated finish along with black boots
  • Valved components for higher performance
  • excellent for towing of vehicles
  • Can carry heavy loads
  • Chea and affordable compared to the other gas press. shock brands