Honda motorcycle and scooters is a famous scooter and motorcycle manufacturer in India since 1999. Honda has manufactured some of the best motorcycle and scooter models and has some popular offering to its name, the most popular being the Activa automatic scooter and the Honda Livo, which replaced Honda’s popular model the CB Twister. Both Activa and Honda Livo have done great in the market and are the most preferred scooter and bike till date. Activa is so successful that it left behind a lot of motorcycles and became the first choice for a lot of bikers. Livo, on the other hand, has an outstanding performance and comes in four different colors; these two two-wheelers have been doing well in the market.

The two-wheelers that lost their charm 

The sad part is that all Honda two-wheelers, like Activa and Livo were not able to garner the same popularity, because of which most of them were discontinued.


  • Honda CB Dazzler- The long forgotten Honda CB Dazzler was an improved and premium version of Honda’s own Honda Unicorn. It had the same single engine like the Honda Unicorn. The engine had high fuel mileage as well as it offered high performance and a ride of a really good quality. But despite all these qualities and an excellent engine, it lost to its competition the Bajaj Pulsar and so it had to be discontinued.
  • The Honda CB Trigger- Being a mediocre performance bike, it couldn’t attract the buyers; moreover, it was quite high priced which ultimately led to its discontinuation.
  • Honda Eterno- The Eterno was Honda’s try to get back into the scooter market and it did look like the Activa but it was nothing like it. It had a 147.7 cc single-cylinder engine, which was known to produce 8bhp but still, it couldn’t satisfy the buyers and had no takers.
  • Honda CD 110 Dream- This was the most budget-friendly and pocket-friendly Honda bike but this bike also failed to impress the takers. It also had the splendour to its competition, which was one major reason for its discontinuation and being replaced by the CD 110 Dream DX.
  • The Honda Twister- It was branded as the 11o-cc youthful motorcycle but no matter how stylish the Honda Twister was it couldn’t face competition from the Hero motorcycle’s passion and splendour. Eventually leading to its discontinuation and being replaced by the Honda Livo.
  • The Honda CBF stunner- Despite being attractive and also doing well initially it could not withstand the competition from the Hero Glamour. It has a power pack engine and a high efficiency of fuel but due to lack of sales because of the stiff competition from the Hero Glamour led to its discontinuation and being forgotten long ago.

Well, most of you must have heard of these two-wheelers and like them, there are quite a lot of other two-wheelers also that were sadly discontinued and forgotten long ago.