Vacuum casting

Your all ideas and designs come into the practice with full security and efficiency all under one place in our company. The sales and production department of the rapid prototype company ensures that the designs manufactured matches our original ideas and designs one to one.

CNC milling and Turning

CNC milling and turning makes the manufacturing parts, component and prototypes very efficient and also can be replicated easily. We produce the tools with recent and new machines and technology so that no complaints can be heard regarding the quality of the products that we manufacture. Our company not only produces parts for domestic customers but also all over the globe. We also use metals, alloys and plastics in all the products which are complex and try our best in minimizing the wastage of the material.

3D prototype printing

We make sure that the work gets done as soon as possible and in order to do that we use 3D printing so that all the prototypes can be produced within a matter of hours. This company also has access to SLA and SLS laser rapid services as well which helps the stationary prototypes to get all ready to ship within 24 to 48 hours only. 3D printing is considered one of the best printing types because it completes your work within a day or two unlike other printers and the quality also differs when it comes to 3D printing prototype. This is the very main reason why this company only prefers a 3D printing prototype.

Manufacture with sheet metal

We all know the use of sheet metals. It is basically used in creating the metal parts which are complex in nature and need good strength with long durability. There are other metals as well like nickel, steel, tin which can be used to create metal parts that are complex in nature, but the sheet metal is more reliable and versatile and is also used all over the world for cosmetic and commercial applications.

Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting is generally used only when there is a need to make high-quality prototypes in smaller quantities and is rarely used because vacuum casting is a cost-effective method. The only area where vacuum casting is used is in prototype testing, trade show samples and design demos. The reason why vacuum casting is cost-effective in nature is that the products which are manufactured using this method are detailed, accurate and quite durable. The polymer is the material that is used in this method and does not require any post-processing treatments which also helps in reducing the cost as compared to other methods.

Die casting

Die casting

Die casting helps in producing thousands and millions of identical metal casts quickly and with efficiency. Our company does not borrow any dies from outside, instead believe in creating our own dies which reduce production time, save money and completely protect your design.

Thus all the casts are completed, finished and shipped from our country only and nowhere else. The rapid prototype company also offers powder coating and helps in cleaning the die-casted parts.