St. Louis is an effervescent city that lies on the banks of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. This independent city has quite an intriguing culture and heritage, and is considered to be one of the most important sites coming under the state of Missouri. John Eilermann St. Louis marks that this region is especially famed for its distinctive Native American Mississippian culture, and for housing many important landmarks of Missouri.

John Eilermann St. Louis points out interesting and informative facts about the city

The St. Louis city of Missouri is often referred to as the Gateway to the West and is popular for its great beer and prominent baseball team. John Eilermann St. Louis underlines that there however is much more to this city than these aspects. Here are some interesting facts pointed out by him about the St. Louis city:

  • This city has been named after King Louis IX. The St. Louis city was founded way back in 1764 by Pierre Laclede, as a French fur trading village. Pierre Laclede honored the patron saint of Louis XV, the then French king by naming this city after him.
  • The very first steamboat arrived at St. Louis in the year 1817. By sometime in the 1850s, steamboats traveled throughout the city each and every year.
  • In the earlier days, this city was often referred to as the “Mound City,” due to the many Native American mounds present throughout the neighborhood.
  • When Thomas Jefferson ultimately signed the Louisiana Purchase, St. Louis was already a four decade old river town. The explorers Clark and Lewis went on to start their westward trip from the region in 1804.
  • Apart from Washington, D.C., St. Louis houses more free important tourist attractions than any of the cities of the nation. People have to pay no fees to enter the history museum, zoo, science center, as well as the art museum of St. Louis.
  • As the bird exhibit present at the 1904 World’s Fair held here proved to be extremely popular, the St. Louis zoo was founded. The first flight cage of the zoo was commissioned by the Smithsonian and bought by St. Louis for $3500.
  • The spectacular Gateway Arch of St. Louis is considered to be one of the most important tourist attractions of the US. On a clear day, people can enjoy an awe-inspiring view of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers from the top of this Arch. The Gateway Arch was designed with great care and is known to have the capacity to withstand earthquakes.
  • The City Museum of St. Louis was founded in 1997. John Eilermann St. Louis says that at this museum people can find a grand jungle gym/ playground that is built from various types of salvaged industrial and architectural objects.
  • The professional baseball team of the St. Louis Cardinals is among the most successful baseball franchises of the nation and has won multiple division titles and World Series championships.

These were a few intriguing facts about the city of St. Louis that can help people to better understand the region.