Facebook marketing can seem like a daunting prospect at times. The sheer number of people on the world’s largest social media platform make it an essential place for a business to be in.

However, the problem with Facebook is the competition on the platform. Since the platform is populated by so many brands, the cutthroat competition to grab a share of the eyeballs becomes stifling at times. Compared to other social media platforms, Facebook can be a little overwhelming as it can be difficult to reach the intended audiences organically.

Despite its drawbacks, there is no question of leaving Facebook on the side. When done well, Facebook marketing alone is enough to help a brand become profitable in a short span of time. Also, since Facebook owns both Instagram and Whatsapp, it is part of an ecosystem which generates a majority of social media engagement in the world at any given point in time.

At any given digital marketing institute, the time spent on teaching students Facebook marketing is very high relative to other social media marketing mediums.

With the right approach and a persistent attitude, Facebook marketing can be used to gain engagement from the target audience and usher real growth. In this article, we discuss a few tips on how to increase engagement on any given Facebook business page.

Try Out Facebook Live

This is a simple thing many brands with a business page on Facebook are either too apprehensive of doing or simply don’t have the time for. Either way, Facebook Live has become one of the simple ways of getting traction on the platform.

People want the most updated posts all the time. They don’t like going through old posts which have little relevance once their gestation period passes.

The reason why people like spending time on platforms like Twitter and Instagram is that it often gives people a sense of what’s happening in real-time.

With Facebook Live, you can do just that.

We are not giving any tips regarding the content of your live feed. You can figure out the kind of content your audience would like and engage with the most over time. The key point here is to make a habit of using Facebook Live.

Post Videos on Facebook

Video content is another big part of the social experience. If you have a YouTube channel and post regularly, consider cross-posting the same video on Facebook as well. Engagement and reach with video content are much higher when compared to text posts, and the rate at which the audience absorbs the brand message through video content is much higher.

Facebook videos between 30 – 120 seconds tend to get the maximum engagement on Facebook, especially in terms of shares which can really spiral a given post quickly.

Make it Worthwhile for People to Follow You on Facebook

Many brands simply assume that their intended audience should follow them on Facebook. Nobody follows anyone until there is an incentive for doing the same. Offer special content, discount offers, videos, and info to your Facebook followers in order to create a loyal following.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three tips to increase engagement on a Facebook business page.

About the Author – Kriti Singh is a content writer currently working as an intern at DelhiCourses, best & affordable digital marketing institute in Delhi.