Innovative Mobile App For Effective Health And Safety Management

Managing a business is not an easy monitoring job, especially if it is a large business like construction companies. You need to see to it that everything is well-managed, from the safety of the employees to the completion of the project. But, in this current situation, a lot of threats and risks are appearing in which everyone must be cautious and attentive. Nowadays is the right time to upgrade, take advantage of the use of advanced technologies, such as your mobile devices, computers, and tablets. These technologies become an effective tool to manage a business, from smallest to largest companies.

SHE health and safety risk assessment software is your most ideal mobile app, which serves as a portal for your company. The software is an effective and accessible tool used by the employees, employer, manager, and the other group of people connected for the completion of the project. Everyone has the right to access the software by installing it on their mobile devices and access the portal to get updated on the project.

Empowering workforce safely

Many incidents are encountered by both employers and employees within the workplace. Therefore, it is relevant to look for a solution like using a monitoring tool. A monitoring tool that can assist most safely. Manage and monitor the workplace for the assessment of the project. It reduces the risks in the business. No more troubles or issues left unsolved or unmonitored. Face-to-face interaction will no longer be a threat to the employees and you. Plus, you can easily monitor everything in the project with no need for workplace visitation. Manage and monitor the business most safely and easily while keeping everyone’s health risk-free.

Your ideal mobile app

Everyone knows that almost all of the population owns a mobile device. It means that anyone can install a software or application wherein you can check, evaluate, and investigate the status of the project. You will get informed and updated with how the workforce and workplace perform proper management while you are not around. The software will serve as your eye without your presence. Hence, you will keep posted with the ongoing work up to the completion. In addition, it keeps everyone risk-free from using the effective mobile app. Get connected with your co-workers without meeting them personally.

What does the software do?

The software is a portal that consists of modules for the assessment of the work, it covers the following:

  • Incidents
  • Risk
  • People and training
  • Audit
  • Asset
  • Contractor
  • Environment
  • Behavior

All of these are monitored within the workplace using the app. Therefore, everything in the project is managed and monitored within the software. With just a few taps on the mobile screen, you can easily check the status of the project and its real-time data.