Horse face masks

Let us say if you are not working in the healthcare and certain industries, wearing the face mask on routine basis will be a little new thing. Putting on the printed face masks whenever you go out on a public place will take a little time to get used to. Is this worth it? Centers for the Disease Control or CDC tells us yes, these face masks are totally essential to slow down the spread of the Novel Corona Virus. But why let’s us?

How wearing the mask slows down the spread

We know from the recent studies that a lot of people with the coronavirus do not have any kind of symptoms, and that those who develop the symptoms will transmit this virus to others even before showing any kind of symptoms. It means that virus will spread between the people who get close to one another when speaking, sneezing or coughing, even though they are not showing any coronavirus symptoms. This is the reason many people are buying different types of stylish and fashionable masks online. You can find a wide range of printed and horse face masks online. Due to that, CDC suggests wearing cloth or any printed mask coverings in the public settings and where other distancing measures are tough to maintain, like grocery stores or pharmacies.

Horse face masks

What if I take chances in catching COVID-19?

Even though you feel in this way, just think about people around you. Often it is tough to tell by looking at somebody if they are in the high-risk group, like people with the high blood pressure and diabetes. Nobody wants to spread this virus accidently to somebody who may have the severe complications in case they catch it. Suppose you wear the mask & practice social distancing whenever you are out in the public, you will feel good to know you are the part of your effort in slowing down the spread of this virus.

Do I have to buy medical-grade mask?

The cloth face coverings generally are recommended for general public. The surgical masks and N-95 respirators will be important supplies that must be reserved for the healthcare workers or other medical responders.

What can work as the cloth face covering?

The printed masks are made at home easily with available household items. You will sew them and make masks, which do not need any sewing. CDC has got directions of how to make the mask that does not need sewing, using the T-shirt or bandanna. It has got the directions of making the simple mask, which you can sew at your home. It is simple to make or you can buy your favorite masks online.