Buy High-Quality Contact Lenses

If you are not careful, wearing contact lenses can easily irritate your cornea. And in the long run, continuous use without proper care can make your eyes dry. And when they do, you should stop wearing your contact lenses. So before you start looking at contact lenses online, you might want to check out acuvue moist 1 day as well as other tips from others, especially your eye doctor on how to properly clean and disinfect your contact lenses to avoid eye irritation.

Contact Lens Should Perfect Fit

One of the reasons why contact lenses can cause pain, discomfort, or irritation, is that they rest directly on your eyes. So if you have an ill-fitted contact lens, they can easily cause these problems. So contact your eye doctor to reexamine your eyes and do all the measurements once again. This way, you are sure that your contact lenses have a better fit in your eyes.

Follow Replacement Guidelines

CDC reveals that most of the contact lens wearers do not build the habit of taking good care of their lenses. You have to remember that inadequate care can always lead to eye infections. When getting your contact lenses, your eye doctor will give you a list of the necessary care requirements. So make sure that you religiously follow each one of them to avoid problems.

Buy High-Quality Contact Lenses

Use Artificial Tear Eye Drops

When using your freshlook color contacts, one of the common problems that you will encounter is dry eyes. And this is when eye discomfort starts. How well the lens rests on the film that covers your cornea will affect the comfort in wearing contact lenses. To avoid dry eyes, use artificial tear eye drops. This can help smooth out and also lubricate the tear film. But before using one, make sure that you have discussed this with your eye doctor. Remember that not all eye drop products are the same. Some might not be compatible with yoru contact lenses.

Find Solution to Tear Drainage Problem

If artificial eye drops are not working for you, then your dry eyes might be caused by a tear production issue. Talk with your eye doctor because he or she can find what the underlying problem is and give treatment accordingly.

Diet is Important

Another reason why you are experiencing dry eyes when using your contact lenses is not only caused by inadequate tear production. It can also be caused by the composition of your years. If it is a bit off, then you might be experiencing excess tear evaporation. Diet can help solve this problem. You need to increase your intake with omega-3 fatty acids as well as flaxseed oil. They are proven to improve the oily composition of your tears. This way, it can help prevent abnormal evaporation and will allow your contact lenses to feel more comfortable.

Experiencing discomfort when wearing your contact lenses should not be taken lightly. Know that there is a remedy. If remedies at home did not work, it is best to get in touch with your eye doctor. They are the ones who can give you the best recommendation.