Estate Agents

A real estate agent is a licensed professional who will make the task of buying or selling a property in the potentially tough market much more convenient and stress-free. Someone who will guide you along the journey until you end up getting your work done most satisfactorily.

To throw more light on the topic, we have tried to elaborate on the roles and responsibilities of an estate agent below.

Roles Of Real Estate Agents

Halls Estate Agents are professionals who make sure that your task of either selling or buying a property is properly guided and sealed with the desired result. A good estate agent will undergo comprehensive research of the market to evaluate the best possible options s/he can arrange for you in your client search. From drafting documents, scheduling appointments, and meeting with the clients, they will also negotiate until you get the best deal.

A good estate agent with his/her years of expertise must have a strong connection and network. This helps them with their research and finding thus saving your time, effort, and stress.

The task of marketing your property on sale or for buying will also be processed by them. Apart from analysing the current market status and comparing the statistics, they will also manage the property’s status on social media, update listings, run advertising campaigns, etc.

In short, everything that can help you make selling or buying easier and faster is taken care of! 

Halls Estate Agents

While Selling A Property:-

Moving forward, let’s look at the responsibilities of Halls Estate Agents from each side of the coin. First, are things taken care of by an estate agent while selling a property. Some of the major ones include:

  • Fixing a realistic market price for the selling.
  • Advertise your property and market in the right direction.
  • Fix meetings with the prospective buyers
  • Draft legal documents
  • Highlight the best-selling points
  • Supervise property showings and negotiate the right deals

While Buying A Property:-

On the other hand, if you are looking forwards to buying a property, an agent can perform the following tasks and make your work easier:

  • Find the desired property
  • Synchronize and oversee available houses
  • Fix meetings and appointments
  • Coordinate inspections
  • Supervise repairing and any potential damages
  • Negotiate the best deal

And much more. 


Usually, sellers or buyers without the help of a professional broker end up demanding/ paying either the too high or too low price of the property. An agent will help you determine the right price after doing the inclusive market analysis.