Divorce Settlement

All that is required in an uncontested divorce is for the party filing the divorce to acknowledge that the information contained in the Statement of Claim and Statement of Particulars is correct. The opposite party in the divorce case will next file a Memorandum of Appearance consenting to the divorce, without disputing the contents of either declaration.

Parties can also negotiate and come to their own arrangements on how to divide the property and access to the children. A draft consent order can be filed if both parties have agreed on all ancillary concerns. Additional costs are saved because only one lawyer is required to file the draft consent order, which will subsequently have legal force.

  • Remaining in control of proceedings

If you go to court, the divorce proceedings imply that you no longer have any influence on how your assets are distributed or any concerns concerning your children. Because the judge may not be as familiar with your life and marriage as you are, the judge’s decision may leave either party or both, dissatisfied. In an uncontested divorce, negotiating with your spouse and reaching an agreement on the terms of the divorce would offer you what you want in whatever way you can agree to, without the court imposing limitations and restrictions.

Typical Divorce

  • Divorce proceedings take less time

The time it takes to resolve a disputed divorce is much longer than an uncontested divorce because it goes through the trial procedure. If a couple is going through a disputed divorce, getting an interim judgment can take a long time, and depending on the number of assets and the number of children in the family, dividing matrimonial assets and agreeing on custody, care, and management of the children can take much longer. The number of issues to be heard by the court and the length of each hearing required for the problems are greatly reduced in an uncontested divorce.

  • Divorce proceedings at a lower cost

Divorces that aren’t disputed are usually less expensive. Both parties must retain and pay for their own attorney in a contentious divorce. Both parties will be responsible for additional costs like disbursements and court fees, which will only grow as the case progresses. In an uncontested divorce, on the other hand, both parties may be represented by the same lawyer, resulting in only one lawyer’s fees being paid. Singapore Family Lawyer is one of the most sought-after lawyers for uncontested divorce in Singapore.

As stated above, there are various advantages to an uncontested divorce case. However, caution must be exercised because one side may be taken advantage of when negotiating the conditions of the divorce. This is especially true in cases where the partnership has a history of physical or emotional abuse.

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