shock wave therapy tennis elbow

The shock wave therapy tennis elbow is one of the most effective treatments today for the troublesome problem. Shock wave therapy is a surgical rejection treatment for tennis elbow problems (elbow tennis) and other orthopedic problems.

What is a tennis elbow? 

Tennis elbow is the next name to describe a condition of inflammation in the elbow (also known as inflammation of the lateral upper leaf) due to damage caused to the tendon in the area. This damage can be caused by repeated overexertion in the game of tennis (or another game where bats and rockets are used intensively).

Tendonitis, such as a “tennis elbow” condition, is not resolved easily and quickly because it is an area that does not receive a rich blood supply like other areas in the body.

shock wave therapy tennis elbow   

How Do Shock Waves Treat a Tennis Elbow Problem? 

Treatments for Tennis Elbow There are many different ways to deal with a tennis elbow problem. In Western medicine, a surgical procedure is often taken, whose chances of success are not always high.

One of the relatively new methods used to treat cases of tennis elbow is the use of shock waves. Shock waves are used in alternative medicine to treat a wide variety of different problems. Among other things, they help treat various adhesions that form over time, as sometimes happens in cases of tennis elbow (adhesion of the tendon to the joint shell). In the case of such infection, the condition can become very problematic for conventional treatment, and the recovery time may extend to a very long period. Shock waves are a relatively innovative method, but effective and non-invasive, for treating, among other things, various such infections.

For Better Results

To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to take the path of combined treatment, which includes shock wave therapy and Japanese acupuncture together. Combined therapy may yield more effective results in complicated tennis elbow conditions or other similar problems, as experience shows. Whether a condition of tendon adhesion occurs (then it makes a tennis elbow particularly chronic and problematic) or not, a tennis elbow condition can cause serious disruptions in the quality of life, with any simple act of lifting (even of very light loads) or other use The hand and forearm may cause severe pain. Shock wave therapy and additional alternative medicine techniques are a reasonable and attractive chance for a relatively quick recovery and a return to a normal life routine.