Select beautiful crystals for the home and soul


You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for beautiful crystals Australia in a mountain of rocks. Oddball Crystals is a prominent Australian-owned supplier of exclusive stones and gems. Oddball Crystals has been in business for almost a decade. Strangeball Crystals has established a reputation for providing the most delicate quality items at nearly unmatched rates in the industry. The services are centered on the needs of the client and are based on a foundation of excellence. All of the inventory for sale is located on-site in Brisbane, Australia.

You should be aware that the form or style of crystal or stone you choose may affect how that item is used.All rose quartz crystals, for example, would have the same qualities. Still, you would get the energy from your crystal in a different way depending on whether you were wearing it as a bracelet or utilizing it to materialize your dreams.

Various benefits of crystals

A central tenet of crystal healing is the belief that some semiprecious stones and crystals, such as rose quartz have healing properties. Crystals are available in a range of hues and are attractive and versatile, making them perfect for creating gorgeous jewellery items. People, on the other hand, think that they have therapeutic powers.

When worn on the wrist, crystal bracelets may be utilized to link the therapeutic properties of your selected crystal directly with your mind and physical body throughout the day, assisting in the promotion of the flow of sound and healing energy throughout. Additionally, crystal bracelets are adorable and make for a beautiful piece of jewellery.Crystal pendants are another fashionable but functional option. Allday, these components are in close touch with your skin, and they may be utilized to improve your own body and mind, or they can be used to shield your energy from the adverse effects of others. It is an excellent option for use as a healing stone.

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It is beneficial to utilize crystal pendulums to assist you in making important choices in life – particularly those that are more intuitive.Civilizations have used crystals throughout the globe for thousands of years, and they continue to be used today. Their uses include meditation, healing, protection, and inspiration for creative endeavors. Although rose quartz has traditionally been used in jewelry, it is especially well-known for its ability to enhance the healing power of the mind via acceptance, awareness, and introspection.


Because of the soft, loving energy of a Rose Quartz crystal, it is easier to remain in touch with your sensitive and kind side.On the open market, the Oddball crystals only purchase from trustworthy vendors who have earned the trust. Dodgy mines are quickly shut down, usually within a few years, so doing business with individuals that have a long-established history and reputation, as well as being legally registered in their country, ensures that you are buying Crystals from a reputable source.