What is Barilla?

It was established in the year 1877 as a bread and pasta shop in Italy. Gradually with the industrialization taking place, there have been many changes within the food industry because of which regular research had to be taken to match with the growing demand. They slowly started to work in a factory with 80 workers who produced 8 tons of pasta and 2 tons of bread per day. They then gathered machines and tools that will help them to produce a large. Barilla then went on to become the largest pasta production plant which produced as many as 1000 tons of pasta every day. They also have their main units in the United States of America and Brazil.

Brand value:

The Barilla brand was nowhere to be forgotten as the name became a familiar name all over the world. Their unique way of running the company and their uninterrupted innovative approach to the changing demands of the customers proved to be the game-changer. Within a few years, they had managed to acquire many other leading pasta and bread companies to be a market leader on all fronts. Their dedication towards building a safe and nutritious society by contributing their own naturally produced food products have been instrumental in their huge successful business.

What are the sauces produced?

Barilla soon became famous for its variety of pesto sauce. They are constantly experimenting with many other types of pasta and sauces before it is introduced to the world. These sauces are so unique that they instantly change the flavor when they are added to the dishes like pasta, pizza, spaghetti, fish, chicken and many more. The recipe that is used to make the sauce is exclusively owned by barilla.

Classic Genovese, creamy ricotta & arugula, sun-dried tomato pesto sauce, and rustic basil sauce are most sought after products in the world. Barilla uses only a high and rich quality of ingredients in the sauces. The basil pesto is made up of fresh and naturally grown tomatoes from Italy and they are 100% pure. Other sauces include traditional sauce, normal and spicy marinara sauce, meat, mushroom, creamy and garlic alfredo, roasted garlic, sweet pepper, Tuscan herb, tomato & basil sauce. They have different recipes and made high in protein and fiber, and some are low in fat also.

The brand promises ‘Vero Gusto’, which means ‘True Taste’. They are committed to providing the authentic and traditional Italian food to the world, without diminishing the quality, to the sole purpose of creating a peaceful world with satisfied customers.