Luxury Student Housing

Student housing is available in many forms. But most commonly it has been envisioned as close quarters in a dormitory.  While traditionally students used to select colleges based on their academic rigor, extracurricular activities, athletic programs and future career opportunities, today they often take accommodation facilities into consideration as well.  Hence, most student housing projects today are especially designed to cater to the needs and concerns of the students, and come equipped with a magnitude of amenities. Companies like Nelson Partners have, in particular, developed many such projects.

Student housing of the past typically lacked any sort of specific design emphasis. They ideally included small boxy rooms, compact bunk beds and shared bathrooms at the end of the hall. Traditional college dorms used to be designed to just be slept in and store a few important items. They had specific lounge spaces that were meant to hold social gatherings, libraries for studying, dining halls for eating and athletic facilities for exercising. But a lot has changed since then.  Modern students have a lot of expectations from their college or university accommodation. In addition to premium living facilities, they also demand adequate social spaces to collaborate and relax.

A great number of students today want their housing to be way more lavish than the traditional ones in order to be able to accommodate their needs effectively as they move out from their home and live on their own for the first times. Amenities present in student housing projects are gradually becoming a major tool to attract tenants by projecting an entertaining and enriching lifestyle. In addition to high-end amenities, a lot of students also want large study spaces, private bathrooms and room for storage. In the future, one might see micro-communities within student housing facilities, where one would be able to exercise, relax, dine and more.

The outdated dorm rooms that one may see in old sitcoms are slowly but steadily are becoming relics.  As the desires and the needs of the students shift to wanting more space, amenities and a more fluid way of living, developers across the globe are also working towards meeting these demands.  After all, student housing is a major part of the college experience for students. It is not just the place where they sleep. It is the place where they eat, study, socialize and live. The living situation of the students, to an extent, defines their college experience, as well as the memories they graduate with.

Hence, it would be smart for students to choose to stay in properties offered by renowned companies like Nelson Partners. This company provides individual investors direct ownership interests in institutional quality and professionally managed real estate.  They additionally have recently acquired Sol y Luna, a 977-bed student housing community which is perfect for the needs of modern students. It comes with amenities like outdoor television lounge, a rooftop pool, hot tub, steam room, fitness center and more.