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Even though cheerleading is currently accepted in sports, like any other sport, it has its risks. Others are a result of poor coaching, while some are due to the structure of the sport. Cheerleading sports has come a long way; initially, it started with a fancy announcement on megaphones, and later it advanced to dancing. However, sometimes it can be 먹튀, especially the cheerleading sports meet unfriendly spectators.

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Gymnastic Moves and its dangers

For instance, gymnastic is along among threats sports that involves activities such as flipping in the air, somersaults and performing unimaginable feat-functioning like human catapults. However, the risks are limited when the moves are performed on prepared terrain.

Basically, these moves are mainly purposed to entertain fans, although is expose the performers to higher risks of injuries or death. Cheerleading similarly has become complex nowadays since it also presents the performer in a higher risk of injuries, especially on head, shoulder, and neck.

Cheerleading Sports in Schools

 Even though cheerleading is categorized among sports, in some reasons unknown reasons it is not allowed in most schools. It is simply due to its high level of dangers, especially if compared to common sports like football, basketball or volleyball. Addition to that, most cheerleaders are not perfectly trained or certified.

Other schools also luck appropriate training equipment or safe place for practicing. Also, most cheerleaders take high risks by performing on a hardwood floor. Apparently, this kind of sport is not recognized in the safety field due to its risky activities. According to medical reports, a huge number of permanent disability is caused by cheerleading sports.

Dangers of Cheerleading moves

Cheerleading is not safe since its move involves complex motions and heights that can result in severe injury. Cheerleaders usually participate during the competition, for instance, basketball, and football occasions.  It is also 먹튀 parents are unaware of the dangers their young cheerleaders are exposed to, and that’s why most them are unable to prevent their kids from participating on cheerleading moves.

Proper training must be provided for every kid before they participate in this kind of sport. Also, sufficient fund is required on this sport to cater to every essential requirement as well as any possible accident. Additionally, warning suggestion should be raised to caution the young performers and those who would like to join.


Firstly, before you join any cheerleading group, at least make sure that the coaches are correctly trained and qualified. Also, injuries database should be set up to examine a patient’s condition in case of an accident.  Without these measures, it is advisable to every parent or guardian not to encourage their children in participating in this kind of sport.