Wine requires a delicate balance of care if we are to drink it at its optimum quality level. From the correct temperature to the right way to pour and consume this special drink, read on for tips on serving the perfect wine.

Room Temperature

Many people think red wine should be served at room temperature. The idea of drinking red wine at room temperature comes from the French ‘au chambre’, but this refers to the colder drawing rooms of medieval France.

In today’s warm houses, this means the red wine is literally being served too warm. However, some guides, such as this from the Guardian, suggest that red wine can actually be stored in the fridge.

A Sliding Scale

The right temperature for red wine is between 12 and 18 degrees C. If a wine is kept too warm, then the alcohol dominates and spoils the taste. In contrast, a wine that is too cold will have suppressed flavours as the acids are sharper.

To cool a wine perfectly you should consider commercial wine coolers, such as those available from, as these can keep wine chilled to the right temperature easily.

Storing Wine

Wine should be stored in a dark place. If a wine has a cork, it should be kept horizontally and you should try not to move the wine. The humidity is also important, and this should be around 70% humidity. Air that is too dry will dry out the corks of the wine, which could result in air being let into the bottle and spoiling the wine.

The Drinking Experience

Drinking wine is an art and you need to appreciate the body, finish, and flavour. Make sure you use the right wine glass, which should be larger for red wines as they need to oxidize to release their full flavours. Hold the glass by the stem to avoid heating the wine too quickly.

Pour red wine until the glass is half full, and then stop by twisting the bottle upwards. Swirl the glass and smell the wine before sipping to get the full experience. When pouring white wine it is best to use a napkin to avoid warming the bottle and pour until the glass is one-third full. Hold the wine in your mouth for ten seconds before swallowing to enjoy the flavour.