If you have a car, you need to have a general car accident insurance done in order to secure your asset and prevent yourself from paying huge bills for a car accident. A car accident can happen in various forms, and it may not be due to your fault. If you already have a general car accident insurance or you are thinking to get one, you should know what exactly it covers and when you can claim the money. For more details, you can visit LifeInvestmentInsurance website to get everything clarified.

Accidental Damage –

When your car gets damaged in an accident or vandalism, most of the general car accident insurances cover the cost of repairing. But the repairing work must be done from the approved repairs. If repairing cannot be done, the car will be replaced, or the money will be paid to you according to the market value of the car.

If a car is damaged to such an extent that an economical repair is not possible, then the insurance company will pay you the money to buy the same car from the market.

 Theft –

If your car gets lost or stolen, you can get the pay for buying a new or get the money at the market value of the car you had. To get more details about it, you can visit LifeInvestmentInsurance website.

Legal Services –

Most of the general car accident insurances offer a certain limit of legal costs to pursue a lawyer to fight legally in a case where you do not have a fault. The legal case can originate from you where you make a claim from the owner of the other car, or it can be from the driver or owner of the other car where you have to defend yourself.

Glass Repair or Replacement –

Apart from the car body damage, there are many parts, and especially, the window, the windscreen, or the sunroof can get damaged. The damage can be due to natural hazards like a stone from the road striking the glasses and likewise. The glasses are quite expensive, and most of the general car accident insurances pay you the cost. The criterion is that you have to get it repaired from the approved repairers only.

Miscellaneous Covers –

If the car is damaged by fire, the insurance company will pay you to get the car fixed or to buy a new one of the same make and model. You may not know this that the audio equipment is also covered by the general car accident insurance. As a matter of fact, you should always discuss beforehand to know all the accessories and parts of the cars that are covered by the insurance you are about to subscribe to.