In general, the human being is the only species that does not conform to the appearance that genetics has given him and insists on changing it. To do this, use makeup, hair utensils, and all kinds of more or less natural products. Unfortunately, sometimes these physical modifications can be very dangerous if they are not carried out with care.

This is the case of tanning, whose search many people spend hours lying in the sun, exposed to radiation that effectively promotes the manufacture of melanin, responsible for the darkening of the skin. However, prolonged exposure to the sun can also generate changes in cellular DNA and, with it, the appearance of tumors.

At the moment, the two alternatives to excessive sunbathing are UV booths and self-tanning cosmetic products. The former has shown that they also have carcinogenic effects, while the latter usually results in very artificial finishes, not as aesthetic as natural tan.

The desperation to have a darker skin tone can go far beyond using UVA cabins and roasting in the sun at the most dangerous hours. And now some people are choosing to prick a drug that browns their skin without the need to expose themselves to lightning. This is tanning injections, also nicknamed Barbie drug (“Barbie drug”), which consists of a white powder that is mixed with water and then injected into the stomach with a needle. The substance induces the production of melanin, so it allows us to acquire an intense tan tone.


In the beginning, the tanning injections became popular among bodybuilders, and later among models, girlfriends, and actresses until, finally, it ended up reaching other passionate people of the brunette. Of course, it is an experimental drug whose marketing, although it can be obtained online tanning injections for sale.

The use of the Barbie drug has two immediate effects besides the brown: loss of appetite and increased sexual desire. Thus, their consumers are increasingly brown, thin, and libido in the air, which does not invite them to want to stop puncturing. However, the long-term consequences of tanning injections remain unknown, and the medical community suspects. Another worrying factor is that the user himself injects the substance himself through syringes, something that can jeopardize his health and safety in case the needles are shared, so always use a new injection for that. After opening the powder bottle, it must be refrigerated.