New Telugu films are the part of Indian cinema that has been produced in the Telugu language. The Telugu language is spoken in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The father of Telugu film making is Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu, who created the first-ever Telugu movie called Bhishma Pratigna. Most of Telugu films are centered on religious themes like religious parables, figures, and morals. The Telugu film making and production industry is one of the three most significant filmmakers and producers in India. In 2016, there were 245 Telugu movies produced that marked the highest in India that year.

New Telugu films have been produced then released in the United States, and practically all over the world. New Telugu film Dookudu was released in seventy-nine screens in the United States, and the L.A times has quoted it as the most significant hit you’ve never heard of. The film has set a box office record by collecting a gross of more than 1 billion rupees at the time.

It can be rightly said that Telugu cinema or Tollywood has created a special place for itself in the Indian film history. It has remade itself into a brand in terms of culture, language, and local issues. Several successful Telugu movies have been reconstructed with the Hindi/Urdu, Tamil and other languages.

Many Indian actors and actresses have gained popularity and become whole brands just from acting in Telugu films. Telugu films have gotten better and better with every year in videography, special effects, editing, filmography, assembly of shots, casting, screenwriting and directing, and sound recording, among many others. This is the reason we are able to view Telugu movies and be so engrossed because it is not just movie-making, it is an art.

New Telugu films have taken over the Bollywood industry and will continue to do effortlessly as the masterpieces keep coming.


This movie features a young man, Arjun aspiring to become an investigative journalist but who gets caught up in a scam. As he struggles to prove his innocence, will he uncover the hidden truths? Will he get to the bottom of the fraud he so desperately wants to bring to light? Will he compromise his moral values to unearth other deadly secrets? And will the love of his life, a fellow aspiring journalist, help him to uncover the truth? Will they survive long enough to battle the evil forces that threaten to rip them apart?

KHAIDI (2019)

When police officers are poisoned after making arrests on a drug bust, Dilli, a recently freed prisoner, cannot believe his bad luck when he is arrested a second time, and all suspicion falls on him. The police inspector forces Dilli into helping him in exchange to see his baby girl. Dilli, the police inspector, and a lorry driver are caught up in the worst-case scenario. Criminals have enlisted backup from gangs and are after them, they have to get poisoned police officers to a hospital, and their police station is about to be taken, hostage.