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The trading platform is very important for traders , its choice is essential to operate at best on the main economic markets. The trading platform is software , which is made available by brokerage firms or banks free of charge. The trading platform, in addition to allowing us to buy and sell financial instruments, allows us to always be updated on the latest economic news, quotes in real time

You have analytical tools such as charts, indicators and oscillators available to make trading decisions . In short, it allows us to manage all our investments.

Most of the broker offers its clientele two types of platforms, internal platform usually based on the web, this means that you do not have to download any programs, and you can access it from any browser .

The second platform is a third party platform, MetaTrader 4 which is often used by high frequency traders , it is an advanced platform with many trading features and tools , much loved by traders operating on the forex market .

trading in commodities

There are many advantages that online trading has for traders we list the main ones:

Investors large and small can now easily access economic markets, anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a PC or any other mobile device .

Thanks to the trading platforms, we can open and close trading positions quickly, we can use advanced tools for technical analysis to understand which direction a market may go, always connected with the news of the economic market. Fundamental tool for a trader .

Online trading allows you to take advantage of all the opportunities that the markets give, or limit your losses, thanks to the speed of execution.

Online trading at very low trading costs, unlike traditional investments, where costs are higher. There are no hidden costs in online trading .

You have a wide range of financial products to choose from, stocks, ETFs , commodities, bonds, mutual funds etc… or you can opt for derivative products such as Contracts for Difference, Futures .

Online trading has revolutionized the way of investing, large and small investors can now easily access international economic markets, at any time and anywhere in the world.

we also advise you to follow the many guides to online trading that you can find on the web, some professional and very clear.