Katy Genesis Dealers


 The vehicle from Katy Genesis Dealers can be also considered to be a better one with the Wireless Smartphone type of the Charging Pad. This option can help Conveniently charge the smartphone that does not come with the requirement of cables. One can simply choose to go well with the built-in type of the wireless charging pad. The working of tbe7 speakers can actually help deliver sound reproduction whiff can help bring the standard, as well as the additional speakers which can help bring the complete Lexicon sound this giving one the enjoyment of the majestic sound.

Better support for the navigation

There is also a choice to go with the media as well as navigation system with vehicles from Katy Genesis which can be totally helpful with the support of the rear seats. This can be accessed with the help of large, 9.2″ monitors. This can help give a wide viewing angle. This channel also took for the compensation of adjustments which can also work with the front seatbacks. There is also the perfect setup which can work well with the jog-dial-type control key, which can be also the best flexibility with the driver’s seat.

Katy Genesis Dealers

What makes the overall better functioning?

 This is intuitively placed AV which can also work with the climate control switches allowing the rear seat passengers go with the comfortable ride. The compote vehicle can also come with the Ergonomic design which can help provide the comfortable ride with this helping with the natural upholstering giving the best quality luxurious feeling. There are also comfortable seats which can help adjust thus reducing fatigue especially when it comes to the long rides. There are some special features with the vehicles making them the best one.


The 2018 Hyundai Genesis can come with the support of the one-touch monitored windows, along with the auto-dimming rearview mirror, the special quality driver and passenger mirrors, the well monitored heated power door which can work well with the integrated turn signals this can be also supported with the help of the tilt as well as telescopic steering wheel which can be totally  mounted with the audio controls. There is also additional support with the garage door transmitter, the perfect quality illuminated entry, communication system, keyless entry, beverage holders,  overhead console, the complete pattern for the speed control,  leather steering wheel, upholstery, rear seats,  front seats, automatic temperature control as well as everything else which can help a lot with the monitoring of the vehicle in a smooth manner. There are also plenty of the Entertainment Features. There is additional support with the Bluetooth,  radio, AM/FM stereo, MP3 decoder,  LCD screen, secondary monitor,  internal memory as well as the turn-by-turn system for the navigation.