Ram Chary EveriĀ 

Sports photography is fun and a great career option for several people. However, this genre is not the same as the other fields of still photography. Here, you are taking pictures of the players in live-action, so you need to have the right camera and skills to capture the best moments of the game with success!

Ram Chary Everi – A skilled name in the field of sports photography

Ram Chary Everi is a leading 25-year-old photographer and graphic designer from Boston in the USA. He is an alumnus from Boston University and is currently practicing his fine arts degree by covering various events and designing an extensive range of printed materials. He loves to drive up to the North East for tuna fishing when he is not working. He loves taking out his boat to search for tuna fish in the water. In his opinion, he has an amazing time when he is on the water always.

In his opinion, people in Boston grow up with water all around them. This is what he loves and appreciates. He is a member of Oceana- a non-profit organization and loves to encourage people on how to become good stewards of their state with workshops, webinars, and other relevant printed materials.

Practice makes you perfect

If you really want to pursue sports photography as a serious profession, make sure you check the work of experienced and famous sports photographers first. You must be aware of the game rules to capture the best pictures. Your photographs should look professional to invoke the right impressions, so take time to understand the rules of the game so that you can capture memorable shots to share them with everyone.

Your camera plays a crucial role

Ram Chary EveriĀ 

Every photographer must ensure he/she uses the right camera for the best pictures. The same holds true for sports photography as well. Imagine you are in the middle of a game, and suddenly you start to fumble with your camera. You will miss the shots, and the whole purpose of you going to the game is defeated. Make sure you take the camera you are used to for capturing the best shots for your collection.

Your shutter speed should be fast

Since you are capturing live sports in action, you must use a fast shutter speed. Being aware of what is happening around you is crucial as well. Respect the privacy of the coaches, staff, and athletes. Sometimes, you need to take their permission to capture photographs.

Last but not least, Ram Chary Everi recommends carefully planning your shooting positions. It is prudent to go to the venue, some days in advance, to understand the best spots you can use for shooting pictures.

If you are new to the field of sports photography and wish to begin your career in it, become an intern to an experienced photographer, or join a school or workshop that teaches you the art of sports photography. You will learn the fundamental skills and perfect the art with practice with the passage of time with success!