The Office Storage solutions presented by the wonderful Design Team of Australia’s leading furniture company, BFX Furniture, have been held up as shining examples of ingenuity and  genius. Management and other concerned officials and guests visiting the office may find the space in distasteful disarray, and flinch from the supposed mental untidiness. But the truth is often the opposite. The reality is that these poor staff have never been had access to modern storage solutions, nor have they been trained in modern principles of office storage. The BFX teams of Consultants and Experts are actually ambassadors of BFX everywhere, and teach BFX Furniture office storage principles and techniques to representatives from offices in Government, and the Sectors in the Corporate, Education and Health Sectors.

BFX Furniture office storage

The BFX Storage Solutions:

The following are some of the most celebrated BFX Furniture office storage solutions around Australia, and the world (though several more are also in the shadowy archives of BFX, under development):

1. Filing cabinets: The Cloud has reduced much written documentation and other paperwork, but common usage keeps the practice going. BFX has therefore created elegant solutions for filing of papers which are unparalleled.

2. Shelving: The smart shelving solutions from BFX can convert open commercial spaces into beguiling storage areas which are also decorative, and yet have enormous interior space..

3. Lockers: There is an important space that the office staff always seek. It is the lockable space that provides security and safety to valuables. BFX can attach these units anywhere desired, to provide full concealment, as well as instant access when needed.

4. Bookcases: The need to store important books and printed matter in durable containers is well understood by BFX, as is the visual impact of these elegant little units.

5. Pedestals: The most important feature of a BFX Pedestal is Interchangeability. File cabinets may need to be to be pushed up the Pedestal, and the bookcases may have to be demoted, to suit work. This is easy with BFX.

6. Caddies and Hutches: The BFX caddies and hutches need only to be within arms’ reach of the User, and they will quietly take care of all storage of knickknacks that could otherwise cause distractions, and help the User to stay fully focused.

7. Wall Units: The Commercial Wall Units from BFX can be fully customized to suit the exact storage requirements of the Customer. The Customer needs only to express his real needs to the BFL people. And all that’s also required is an empty wall big enough to accommodate all the desires (which preferably must be just opposite the staff concerned) and the BFX design team will take care of the rest.