With each passing day, the competition level in the market keeps increasing, making it difficult for businesses to establish a prominent space for themselves in their relevant industry. Joe Cianciotto mentions that a number of new roles have emerged in the job market that are specifically meant to help businesses to develop their public image and establish a good brand presence. The role of an executive creative director is one of them. These professionals are largely responsible for developing the public identity of a company through various mediums, like TV, web, and print.

Executive creative directors are an important part of various organizations, and have a key hand in developing creative and innovative strategies needed to boost the image of a company. Joe Cianciotto mentions that the job of an executive creative director allows for a lot of innovation and can be extremely exciting.  However, much like any other job role, there are several challenges involved in this profession as well. An executive creative director would have to often deal with difficulties involved in maintaining proper communication and deadlines, as well as get through the hassle of keeping all parties happy when they do not agree. In order to gain success in this field, one needs to maintain the right approach.

Here are some of the qualities that a good executive creative director must have, as per Joe Cianciotto:

    • Imagination:  The elements of creativity, innovation, and imagination are extremely crucial to the job of an executive creative director. Simply managing a project or campaign is not enough. These professionals must also have to ability to develop a project from scratch and give it a desirable shape.
  • Diplomacy: Much like any other executive role, the aspect of maintaining diplomacy is also vital for executive creative directors.  These individuals would have to master the balance of morale and discipline for the purpose of ensuring that all the employees working under them do their job properly.
  • Courage:  Success and failure both are integral aspects of life. Hence, while executive creative directors must always try to achieve success, they should not be afraid of failure as well. They must always be read to bring innovations in their work process and take risks to effectively flourish and grow. Being afraid to take risks and fail would results in creating projects that are monotonous and drab.
  • Focus: No job can be done perfectly without extreme focus, especially the various creative duties that have to be carried out by executive creative directors. Apart from focusing on the intricacies of the project they are working on, such professionals also must pay heed to the bigger picture. Absolute focus and concentration would play an important role in helping them to make sure that their project is headed in the right direction.

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