The LPS 1175 SR2 Rated Doors

With the increase in intrusions and crimes, security companies have shifted their focus on creating doors and windows with ultimate safety and security. This is where the SR2 doors come into play. These doors are built from the strongest materials so that the products can become compliant with the physical safety and security compliances.

If you do not have any idea about the SR2 doors or what LPS 1175 is, do not worry much. In the below article, we will explain the fundamentals of these security doors. This way you will have more clarification about what physical security means in terms of properties.

What Are LPS 1175 SR2 Doors?

Security doors are usually tested in terms of the intrusion types and the total attack duration the products can tolerate before they break. This is what we call the LPS or Loss Prevention Standard. The 1175 rating is concerned with the physical security of any kind of door meant to offer a high level of protection to the properties.

This LPS rating is classified into categories based on the type and extent of protection the products can offer. The SR2 rated doors are meant for protecting the assets, properties, and perimeters from low to medium attacks on commercial and domestic areas respectively.

They offer protection against tool kit type B used by intruders, thieves, and other individuals wanting to have a forceful entry into the property. The minimum attack time the SR2 doors can handle is 3 minutes while the maximum duration is 15 minutes.

The SR2 rated doors

From What Factors Will The SR2 Doors Protect You?

With the help of SR2 rated doors, you can keep your assets or properties safe from the following factors:

  1. Any kind of physical attacks like constant blowing on the doors, breaking the locks, slamming into the doors, and so on.
  2. These products can also offer protection against the use of intrusion tools classified under class B.
  3. They can tolerate forced impacts from any kind of machine units like drills, hammers, and so on.
  4. Many manufacturers offer SR2 doors that can prevent fire from destroying the protection assets and properties.

What Are The Applications Of SR2 Doors In Different Fields?

 These SR2 doors are applicable for several fields like:

  • Protecting the factories and preventing unwanted break-ins
  • Utility sectors like shopping malls, large supermarkets, retail stores, gated markets, and so on.
  • Hospitals are also using the SR2 doors for preventing any fire from destroying the properties and keeping the patients safe.
  • Commercial areas like car parking zones, hotels, and restaurants also use these doors to ensure that everything can be protected from physical assaults.

Final Thoughts

In terms of security and protection, the SR2 doors are very much efficient. They are usually affordable and can suit both domestic and commercial demands. So, before you choose the best door, make sure it has proper security certification for LPS 1175 SR2 doors.