The cost of leasing office space has become untenable with many people opting to work from home in an effort to reduce operational costs. Working from home can sometimes be over whelming especially if one has young children running around. You may cut on costs but your productivity falls as well. This has a direct impact on income and client satisfaction. becoming increasingly popular. All our offices come with the right furniture and amenities needed for one to conduct his business with minimal interruption.

Importance of having private office space

  • Some clients have not really accepted online business practices and would sooner believe a person with a physical office than one with a virtual office. Times have changed, but we have to recognize those that still believe in the old way of doing things. This means a client can easily walk into your office to lodge a complaint or seek clarification on goods or services bought.
  • Physical contact with a client builds a rapport that online presence will never mirror. Talking to a person in his office space lends credibility to the business. Even if a client is meant to make payment before receiving goods and services, he is confident of where he will go if things do not go as planned.
  • Leasing office space can be expensive especially with the clauses that have to do with moving from the premises. In the event the business is not doing well, leaving a leased premise is harder and it involves sacrificing cash that may not be readily available if one is to leave before the lease expires. Renting offices is on a monthly basis and depending on terms of occupation, most landlords demand a month’s notice.

  • For maximum productivity, the working environment needs to be ideal. Renting private office space provides the right environment with all the necessary amenities to serve your clients comfortably.
  • Depending with the kind of business you run, you can choose the ideal location to rent space that will serve you and your clients well. Some people who choose to work from home face challenges with things like parking space. They cannot have more than 2 clients at a time because there is no space for them to park their cars. Such things keep clients away and business owners know this. This is why emphasis is always on parking space available to meet their needs.
  • Renting office space provides an opportunity to network with other tenants. This is a great way to boost your business as you may find another business in the same facility that complements yours and you may end up serving the same clients. Such an opportunity would be missed when working from home.

It is therefore important to consider the pros and cons when considering You will find that there is a lot to benefit from when it comes to having an office space to conduct your business.