Cross-Chain Integration

One of the major advantages of Ripple over Bitcoin is the aforementioned speed in transactions which is much more evident in the case of XRP. Add to this the ability to track any currency we want and also the ability to step away from the mining business. These just mentioned are the reasons that push users to choose Ripple rather than Bitcoin. From the point of view of the disadvantages, however, we can also consider the experience factor: the technology of Bitcoin is now widely proven, users say, while Ripple still has a little way to go Cross-Chain Integration.

What are the risks

Investing in a cryptocurrency is as risky as investing in a financial product. The price of ripples rises and falls and and although predictions can be made, these may not always have followed in reality. There are essentially two methods of investing in ripple:

In the short term , therefore, by purchasing ripple at a time of low price, and then reselling them within the day or at the latest within 48 hours, when the price has increased and will allow the hoped-for profit;

In the long term , therefore by buying ripple and keeping them in the portfolio for months and years. The cryptocurrency market is in fact constantly growing and, although nothing can be given for certain in this sector, there are good conditions for the upward trend to continue.

It is always and in any case a risky activity, like investments on the stock exchange, in binary options. So before you decide to buy ripple or other cryptocurrencies, consider your risk appetite.

Cross-Chain Integration

How much are they worth

Compared to a bitcoin, whose value at certain times has even reached 20,000 euros, ripple could represent little change. In fact, at the time of writing, a ripple is trading for just over one euro. However, this does not mean that it will not grow in the future, on the contrary, paradoxically it has wider profit margins than other already established cryptocurrencies.

How they are bought

In Italy one of the most used sites to buy cryptocurrencies is Coinbase , being very simple to use and in Italian. However, ripple cannot be bought through this exchange . The only tradable currencies are bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin and ethereum. However this is not the problem, there are many other exchange sites where you can buy ripple. Unfortunately, at the moment no one allows you to buy them directly with euros or dollars, but only through other cryptocurrencies. So here’s what you can do to buy ripple:

Buying bitcoins , you can do it through Coinbase <- if you sign up via this link, with a 100 euro deposit you get 8 euro bonus; Once you have bought the bitcoins, go to an exchange that sells ripple, for example Binance and buy them.